Art  deco style earrings comprising lightly faceted ruby in zoisite stones, sterling silver, and a small faceted ruby. The gemstones and sterling spacers have been carefully hand-wrapped with Argentium (tarnish resistant) sterling silver and are hung on my own hand-forged and polished Argentium sterling silver earwires. The greens and deep reds are perfect for the holiday season - a bit reminiscent of holly. Wear these for parties or evenings out - or every day. Splendid as a gift for the holidays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, a special birthday or anniversary, or any occasion.



  • Ruby in zoisite: 30mm long x 10mm (at the widest)
  • Rubies: 4mm
  • Sterling Silver Spacers: 4mm
  • Length: 432.5mm/1.7 inches (from the bottoms of your ear wires)
  • Birthstone: July (Ruby)

Please note these pictures are extreme close-ups to show all details. The size of this drop can be best judged by viewing the pictures of the stone in my hand or on the earwires - and by reviewing the size details above.

(What is ruby in zoisite? This Tanzanian stone is a combination of earthy green zoisite with inclusions of black hornblende minerals and deep red and pink ruby. It has a distinctive and interesting mottled pattern, looking a bit like evergreens.)

Art Deco Style Red and Green Ruby in Zoisite Earrings


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