I love these big splashy, blue earrings. These are made with authentic Venetian glass beads: sterling silver foil, sprinkles of aqua and cobalt blue frit (crushed glass), and wonderful dichroic highlights - all covered with clear Murano glass. 


I added sterling silver spacers and another smaller aqua Murano glass bead, carefully hand-wrapped them together and hung them on my own hand-forged Argentium (tarnish resistant) sterling silver ear wires.


Eye-catching and fun! A wonderful gift for a special person!


  • Murano Glass Bead: approximately 16mm
  • Murano Glass Bead: approximately 6mm
  • Daisy Spacers: 4mm
  • Length: 2.25 inches/56mm (from the tops of the ear wires)


Please note these pictures are extreme close-ups to show all details. The size of these earrings can be best judged by viewing the picture of the piece in my hand, on the model, next to the ruler, or by reviewing the size details above.

Blue Multi-colored Dichroic Murano Glass Earrings