Brilliant Murano glass disc-shaped bead in a multi-colored patchwork of aqua, green, purple (amethyst), and topaz randomly placed over sterling silver foil and encased in clear glass. Handmade by Venetian master craftsmen, no two are ever alike (you will receive the exact pendant in the pictures - note that the pictures include the designs on both sides). For fun, I crowned the piece with sterling silver ruffles and a small violet Swarovski crystal and carefully hand-wrapped all elements into a pendant using my own ball-end Argentium sterling silver wire. The pendant is hung from a delicate sterling silver box chain to create a wonderful piece of jewelry.


Indulge in a bit of cheer! Original, unique, eye-catching, and fun!


  • Murano Glass Bead: approximately 20mm (0.8 inches), slightly puffy