Wonderful sparklers for your ears! (Note that this listing is for one pair of the sparkler earrings of your choice.)

Tiny glinting gemstones (2.5 - 3mm) are carefully hand-wrapped on two lengths of sterling silver chain and hung from my handmade Argentium (tarnish resistant) sterling silver ear wires. Each earring hangs approximately 1.75 inches from the tops of the ear wires.

Delicate, swaying drops in your choice of gemstones (SEE GEMSTONES IDENTIFIED IN THE PICTURES):


  • Amethyst: deep purple
    Birthstone: February


  • Apatite: pale, blue-green


  • Carnelian: orange
    Birthstone: one of four birthstones for August under the sign of Virgo


  • Garnet: red-purple
    Birthstone: January


  • Grossular Green Garnet: pale green
    Birthstone: January


  • Ruby: Red
    Birthstone: July

Hint: Purchase more than one pair to mix and match - or contact me for a custom order!

Gemstone Sparkler Dangle Earrings