A marquise-shaped labradorite drop (13x7mm), beautifully faceted to catch the blue fire inherent in the stone. I've attached the stone as a pendant to a glittering diamond cut cable chain to complement the spark. Minimal, sophisticated and always striking. Can be layered with other pieces or worn simply, as you like.

I love labradorite and collect pieces to use in jewelry. This is a particularly wonderful piece - a deceptive gray stone with dust-like black inclusions, it may appear dull until the light hits the plates in the stone. It then bursts with flashes of color (labradorescence) - blues, teals, and greens. This cut reveals an exceptional amount of flash - since the iridescence is directional, move it this way and that in the light to see the characteristic blaze.

This necklace is secured at 17 inches with a sterling silver lobster clasp. The labradorite dangles one inch below the chain.


Fine Labradorite Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain