How many ways can you wear this simple 43-inch rope of a necklace?


This piece of jewelry is made of 8mm black peacock pearls in the tin cup style, hand-wrapped onto a delicate sterling silver chain. You might consider wearing it long and swingy, flapper style; doubled around your neck; doubled with one "strand" tight around your neck and the other hanging long; or folded in half with the open end fall through the loop as if you were tying a scarf. (See the pictures for some of these options.) What can you come up with?


This is a graceful piece, inspired by Downton Abbey and the long, decorative flapper style. Perfect for layering with other chains. So versatile - perfect for day or evening, casual or formal.


A very special gift. 


June birthstone: Pearl

Long Black Peacock Pearl and Sterling Silver Tin Cup Necklace