Tricolor round glass earrings gleam in amethyst/purple, coppery/orange and black. Authentic Murano glass earrings crafted in Murano, Italy using age-old techniques. Here, 24kt gold and fine silver foils are placed over a black core and under amethyst Moretti transparent glass. The gold foils create the warmer, orange color from the amethyst glass. The silver foils cause the shiny effect that changes depth as they move in the light.

I've hand-wrapped them together with little sterling silver caps and hung on my own hand-forged Argentium (tarnish resistant) sterling silver ear wires.

A wonderful design accent for the winter holiday season! Ideal party jewelry. A perfect gift for any time of year!


  • Murano Glass Bead - approximately 12mm (0.5 inches)
  • Length: approximately 1.5 inches from the tops of the ear wires


Please note these pictures are extreme close-ups to show all details. The size of these earrings can be best judged by viewing the picture of the pieces in my hand, on the model, next to the ruler, and by the dimensions noted above.

Striking Murano Glass Earrings in Purples, Oranges, and Black with Sterling


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