Two teardrop-shaped smoky quartz gemstones are arranged point-to-point with a single sterling silver daisy spacer between. They are carefully hand-wrapped with Argentium (tarnish resistant) sterling silver to create a unique dangle.


These translucent brown stones are a favorite of both designers and jewelry lovers because of their neutral "smoky" color. These faceted, flawless stones catch and reflect light as they move beneath your ears. Perfect as a gift, they will go with almost anything and can be worn for any occasion. Beautiful, light, and easy to wear.


  • Smoky quartz: 6 x 9mm each
  • Daisy spacer: 4mm
  • Length:approximately 1.5 inches from the tops of the ear wires


*Please note these pictures are extreme close-ups to show all details. The size of these earrings can be best judged by viewing the pictures of them in my hand, on the model, with the ruler, and by reviewing the size details above.*

Smoky Quartz Gemstone Earrings